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Tweener Lighting

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Tweener Lighting

TWEENER® is a patented LED lighting solution specially designed for the practice of tennis. Its conception is unique : the LED modules lines are fixed directly on the fence.

2 lines on each side of the court to light the whole playing surface (court and high balls).

-The 1st line lights up the playing surface (the court).
-The second line, installed below, is specifically dedicated to high balls.
The visibility of the ball is perfect on the ground and at height. The uniformity of illuminance is better than traditional lighting solution.

Clay Court Services is proud to offer the Tweener LED lighting System to Tennis Clubs in the UK.

This unique LED lighting solution has been installed on courts worldwide and at important venues such as the Monte Carlo Club and the Mouratoglou Academy.

The Benefits are simple :

  •  Up to 50% saving on traditional floodlighting systems
  •  Easy installation from one to 2 days, no pylons
  •  The potentially easier planning permission process
  •  Meets LTA standards
  •  Low running costs
  •  Immediate light when switched on, no warm-up times

Two options for the Tweener tennis lighting Set up

Tweener lighting simple


For lighting 1 tennis court with Tweener LED lighting. Compliant with tennis lighting standards.

  • Average illuminance level ≥ 300 lux
  • Illumination uniformity factor≥ 0.7
  • Color Rendering Index> 70
  • Glare rate < 50
  • Power 1800 W
Tweener lighting double


For lighting 2 tennis courts simultaneously with Tweener LED lighting. These 2 courts must be within the same fence.

  • Illumination uniformity factor ≥ 300 lux
  • Color Rendering Index > 70
  • Glare rate < 50
  • Power 3500 W

Tweener lighting projects

Tweener LED lighting
Tennis court With tweener lighting

The above projects are Tweener LED lighting installations at Mouratoglou Academy, France, and Monte Carlo Country Club, home of the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 tournament.

In April 2019, NLX joined forces with the former world No.12 Paul-Henri Mathieu. For Paul, Tweener finally meets the expectations of tennis players:

“Until now, I have never liked playing at night; lighting quality was poor and I had a lot of trouble perceiving the ball’s effects. With Tweener, I completely forgot about lighting! I see the ball perfectly and as the solution settles on each side of the court, I am not even dazzled during smashes! I am proud to associate my image with an innovative young French company offering my sport new possibilities of playing at night!”

Paul-Henri Mathieu, Tweener Ambassador.

Benefits of Tweener Tennis lighting

Exceptional Playing Comfort

thanks to excellent lighting performance

Simple and Fast Installation

directly on existing grid structures

Low Acquisition and Operating Budgets

compared to classical solutions with masts

Invisible Solution in the Daytime

thanks to fence integration

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Tweener Lighting
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