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The Clay

The Terre Davis clay combines unique raw materials with special production techniques. The result is a product which binds together beautifully producing a firm and extremely durable clay court base. This is achieved by simply adding water and subsequent compaction. A rich red fine powder is then added enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Among their customers are more than 2,500 tennis clubs and builders of sports facilities.

Clay Court Services imports the red clay directly from Terre Davis. With a proven track record of flawless logistics from Northern Italy to your destination. The Terre Davis Italian clay courts are at many prestigious clubs in Europe and beyond. These include 1000 Masters events; the Italian Open at the Foro Italico in Rome and the Monte-Carlo Masters at the Monte-Carlo Country Club and various Davis and Fed Cup ties.

We are proud to present Terre Davis Italian Clay Courts to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need; Including clay court consultation and advice. We build ITF approved tournament clay courts and offer clubs and private court owners the opportunity to play on top quality red clay.

Terre Davis clay is ideal for converting English shale courts. The clay dramatically improves the performance levels of the surface.  Traditional shale and blaes court clubs in the UK now have an opportunity of significantly upgrading their playing surface with Italian ITF approved clay. We have found that these courts, sometimes over 100 years old; that the correct level of top dressing has not been maintained causing ‘clinker’ to appear at the surface, which causes bad bounces and uneven surface levels. Tailored to any budget, we can convert the shale courts to clay or do a ‘makeover’ and slowly build up the level of clay.

Terre Davis is the choice of clay for the British National Tennis Centre, London, the US Tennis Association, Florida and the Australian Federation, Melbourne Park.

Italian clay courts that are recognised around the world

A process used since the early 1970s to create the Italian clay by grinding ancient bricks and cooking them at a very low temperature.

The bricks are crushed to tiny grain size which makes excellent drainage.
Precisely for this unique feature, the famous red Italian clay courts are in demand all over the world.

Terre Davis Italian clay
Terre Davis Granulo clay
Terre Davis Sottomanto clay
Terre Davis Finali clay




Produced by crushing selected recycled bricks and clay. The layer helps drainage beneath the SOTTOMANTO.

Crushed recycled bricks and clay to grain size. This creates the best drainage of water and the binding hold of the surface.

By crushing specially selected bricks coming from areas containing the highest iron percentage. This creates that famous intense red colour.

Terre Davis Italian clay court

TERRE DAVIS clay tennis court. Photo courtesy of Max Rommel.

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The Clay
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